How can I give a second life to my pieces?

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    Select the Melvin & Hamilton pieces you want to sell.

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    Fill out the form, provide your photos and sell your products in just a few clicks.

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    When your piece is sold, you have 5 days to send it to your buyer, using the prepaid label received by email.

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    If you opted for a voucher, go to use it before it expires in 12 months.

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Each voucher is given a bonus of 20%: for a purchase of €100, a voucher of €120 is issued to you, allowing you to take advantage of the current collection.

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To guarantee the best experience for everyone, we complete the listings from the original product pages (photos, size guide, descriptions, care, etc.)

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Once your item has been purchased, we provide you with the transport label to stick on your package.

Print, pack, glue and send! You don't have to pay anything.

We handle all support, payment and any questions from your buyer.

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